Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Nice posts from MS CS Forum

Post1: Displaying advertisement depending on basket content

1. User has 1 of product 12345 in their basket
2. They navigate to the cart page
3. See advertisement which says to "buy 1 more to get free shipping" or "buy 1 more to get 10% off" (just examples). There would be discounts defined for these.

Elegant solution of Ravi
1. Create a user profile to store basket line items information.
2. Whenever an item is added to the basket, we will update this user object.
3. whenever a basket is converted into purhase order we will remove items from this profile,.
4. Using marketing manager, set basketitems as target profile. Check my blog which explains how to set target profile.
5. Create advertisements or discounts based on that target expression.

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